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              Kinetic Technologies designs, develops and markets proprietary high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors for Personal Electronics, Industrial, Telecom and Enterprise markets. Our core products are integrated circuits that transform, regulate, deliver and monitor the power consumed by analog and digital semiconductors and other electronic loads. Through our proprietary circuit design techniques and silicon process technologies, we have created application solutions which solve problems such as eliminating external components, reducing package size, reducing noise, protecting downstream loads and increasing power efficiency.

              Kinetic Technologies was founded on the fundamental principle of innovation and that driving force is stronger than ever today. It is deep-rooted in Kinetic the understanding that Personal Electronics, Industrial, Telecom and Enterprise System OEMs must continually reinvent themselves by bringing better, faster, smaller products with new features and functionality to market with each new generation. We cultivate innovation from all our employees because we recognize that innovation from all contributors, including product design and development, is the key to success as a company and in turn, for our customers.

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